The Crusaders is more than just an organization in the Katverse. And it is more than just a fan club for some books. It’s community of like-minded readers who want to take their interaction with the Katverse to the next level.

Every fan of the Katverse is a Crusader. But more active and enthusiastic Crusaders can earn ranks and privileges within the community. By participating in launch and promo events, beta reading or helping to create content for the Katverse, you can earn ranks and prestige within the Crusaders and earn one of the following ranks.

The Ranks


This is a leader of a community. They have proven their loyalty and dedication to the Crusade and now lead a community of Crusaders. This rank is hand-picked by Kat Drummond herself.


These are friendly individuals who have been appointed by Commanders to oversee communities as moderators. They welcome new members, make them feel welcome and moderate the community to ensure it remains friendly and open.


These individuals are well-versed in the books and background lore, and are adept at answering questions about the books and creating an encyclopedia of interesting information about the Katverse.


Artists, fanfic writers, animators, designers and much more. All are welcome to create content inspired by the Katverse. Those who do so and let the community know about it will be awarded the rank of Mage and be held up as one of the Crusader’s most skilled agents.

Arch-Mages are top content creators awarded by Kat Drummond herself.


This prestigious rank is awarded to those who have beta-read or received ARC copies of Katverse novels. They have purged the books of errors and helped spread word of the Crusaders through reviews.

Purifier-Paladins are loyal Purifiers who have earned a space on the hall of fame.


Q: How do I earn a rank?

Ranks all have particular requirements. Read the individual requirements under each rank. If you are unsure, contact a commander on your respective Kat’s Crusader chapter.

Q: What does a rank get me?

Some ranks, like Purifiers, Commanders, and Sentinels, are important roles with access to behind-the-scenes info and sneak-peeks of the books. Others, like Mages and Lorekeepers, hold prestige that will attract the adoration of other Crusaders.

Special Ranks, Purifier-Paladins, Commanders and Archmages will be featured on the website.

Q: What about Special Ranks?

During Launch and Special Events, you may be able to earn a Special Rank. These are Exclusive Ranks that are awarded during the event. They should be worn with pride!