Start your journey into the Katverse where it all started, with the Kat Drummond Series. Starring the titular Kat Drummond and her ghostly companion, Treth, follow Kat as she battles the monsters and darkness of Hope City to discover the nature of her spiritual curse and a dark, global conspiracy. Start now with this easy to follow reading order.

Recommended Reading Order

This is the recommended reading order for all novels and short stories in the Kat Drummond Series.

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  1. Part-Time Monster Hunter
  2. Blood Cartel
  3. Devil’s Gambit
  4. Necrolord
  5. Darkness Beckons
  6. Lost Huntress
  7. Dead World
  8. Silver Brotherhood
  9. The Fae Hunt
  10. Dark Order
  11. The Silver Star
  12. Cursed Earth
    • A Demonic Departure (Releasing as a part of an Urban Fantasy anthology)
  13. Children of Blood (TBD2021)
  14. The Last Light (TBD2021)
  15. Shadow Realm (TBD2022)

You can get Soul Bound and books 1 – 4 of the Kat Drummond Series in a single box-set. The Kat Drummond Collection.


The following are possible books and series set in the Katverse that may be written depending on demand and availability.

  • A Conrad Khoi: Demon Slayer Trilogy
  • A Cindy Giles Trilogy
  • Bad Blood: A Brett and Guy Prequel set after Blood Hunter and before Part-Time Monster Hunter
  • A military UF starring a CDF and Impi commander as they battle at the Three Point Line
  • A novella following Pranish and Trudie.

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