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An Epic Saga…

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Meet Kat…

Kat is your normal university student in Hope City. Except that she has a ghost from another world living inside her head. For profit and because it is the right thing to do, Kat hunts the monsters of Hope City. But without magic or otherworldly powers, will she be able to survive the competitive world of monster hunting?

Post-Cataclysm Earth

Welcome to an Earth beset by magic and monsters. Years ago, the Vortex opened. Monsters and magic followed, pouring onto Earth through seemingly random rifts. Now, the modern meets magic with fantastical results. History has changed. Borders have been redrawn. Welcome to Post-Cataclysm Earth. This is now your saga…


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Welcome to Kat’s Crusaders!

This is the official website for readers of the Kat Drummond Series and other Katverse novels. If you are a new fan, a veteran crusader or just stumbled onto this magical part of the internet, welcome!

We are an open, friendly community, who love Epic Modern Fantasy. That means we love to mix the modern world with epic fantasy. The Katverse spans multiple realms, connected by a void called the In Between. Earth has been twisted by rifts that carry magic and monsters to our world.

But we aren’t defenseless! Hunters, healers, mages and other defenders of the light keep the darkness and beasts at bay. For now…

Epic Modern Fantasy is a genre of Urban Fantasy that focuses on building detailed fantasy worlds, where magic is out in the open and has a profound effect on the world. Think of it as combining epic fantasy with the modern world.

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